Be Part of Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati

Fangamer has partnered with Elizabeth Simins to bring you a shirt that people have been begging for for months - Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati. Choose from a v-neck or crew neck & each style is available in pink or black! And best of all - $4 of each sale goes straight to Girls Make Games~

Note: We released this shirt last night and it’s already our fastest-selling product! We’re starting to sell out of certain sizes, so we’re currently working on a reprint. If we’re sold out of your size, please select your size & color when you sign up for the restock notice on the product page so we know how many to order next time! Thank you! :)


bought mine already 8-]

gonna get one


Ultimate Star Trek Asks

  • 1. Describe your ideal holodeck program.
  • 2. Would you most likely be found at Ten Forward, Quark's, or the mess hall?
  • 3. Which planet would you make your home?
  • 4. Which non-Federation species would you like to be?
  • 5. Favorite TOS quote?
  • 6. Favorite TNG quote?
  • 7. Favorite DS9 quote?
  • 8. Favorite VOY quote?
  • 9. Favorite ENT quote?
  • 10. Which character would you clash with the most?
  • 11. What would be the best part about living on a starship/space station?
  • 12. Best captain?
  • 13. Best first officer?
  • 14. Best chief engineer?
  • 15. Best doctor?
  • 16. What would be your personal "captain's beverage"?
  • 17. Favorite piece of 24th century technology?
  • 18. Which character would you want to vacation with on Risa?
  • 19. Which position on a starship would you occupy?
  • 20. Which villain would you send out the nearest airlock?
  • 21. Would you consider joining Section 31?
  • 22. As a captain, how would you style your hair?
  • 23. Describe an ideal night at Quark's.
  • 24. Favorite TOS scene?
  • 25. Favorite TNG scene?
  • 26. Favorite DS9 scene?
  • 27. Favorite VOY scene?
  • 28. Favorite ENT scene?
  • 29. Which character's story would you like to adopt as your own?
  • 30. Would you give up the captain's chair for a shot at admiralty?
  • 31. What would you name a star your ship discovered?
  • 32. Would you consider traveling with Q for eternity?
  • 33. Which character would you want to be trapped with in the turbo lift?
  • 34. What would be your signature catchphrase as a captain?
  • 35. What is your favorite competitive game to play on the holodeck?
  • 36. What is the worst fate you can imagine for your ship?
  • 37. Which character would you want to share a cup of coffee with on a weekly basis?
  • 38. What would be the most honorable death?
  • 39. Which two characters would you want as your parents?
  • 40. Which alien ability would you choose?
  • 41. Favorite TOS episode?
  • 42. Favorite TNG episode?
  • 43. Favorite DS9 episode?
  • 44. Favorite VOY episode?
  • 45. Favorite ENT episode?